Competitive Program Policies

Dancers joining the competitive team at Ultimate Dance Company are expected to be committed and focused. Ultimate Dance Company encourages all dancers to work together as a team at the competitive level; therefore every dancer will be expected to adhere to the following policies:

  • It is understood that in order to compete you must review and adhere to the Ultimate Edge class prerequisites as well as the policy and attire guidelines.
  • Once choreography has commenced, through to the end of the competition season it is mandatory that dancers are attending their competitive level classes; if attendance becomes an issue the competitive dancer may be removed from competition classes. A reminder that we view all of our competitive classes as team classes therefore we remind dancers that absences place a lot of stress on fellow teammates, and instructors. Please be considerate and respectful by notifying the studio if you will be absent at 403.251.6472.
  • Dancers will compete in up to three competitions per year. It is expected that dancers and parents are aware that there are competition entry fees, costumes, and travel expenses for competitions.
  • It is the dancers’ responsibility to remember choreography and to learn and practice any choreography missed due to absences before their next practice.
  • Parents of dancers in the competitive program must attend a mandatory meeting in September. This meeting outlines competitions, workshops and dance trips the studio will participate in.
  • Competition Entry fees do fluctuate and vary depending on the competition. Therefore choreography and competition entry fees are presented at the meeting in September.
  • Dancers wishing to do a solo, duet, trio or small group must fill out an application in September. All applications are reviewed by the Director and dancers are notified by email of their acceptance. Choreography fees and competition entry fees are outlined in the application.

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